CB: Cardinal Band
CG: Colorguard
CO: Chamber Orchestra
GB: Gold Band
JB1: Jazz Band 1
JB2: Jazz Band 2
PE: Percussion
SB: Symphonic Band
SO: String Orchestra
WG: Winterguard
WP: Winter Percussion



Kastner (Zero Period) Percussion - O Period - Mike Malatesta & Joseph Avery

Kastner (Beginning) Percussion - 1st Period - Mike Malatesta & Joseph Avery

[New] "Jo-Ha-Kyn"

Kastner (Advanced) Percussion - 2nd Period - Mike Malatesta & Joseph Avery 

[New] "Jo-Ha-Kyn"

[New] "Bayport Sketch"

KWP19 (Kastner Winter Percussion 2019) (Downloads) 

 coming in December 2018 

[GB] Gold Band Percussion (Downloads)

[New] "Triton Fanfare"

[New] "Ocala March"

[CB] Cardinal Band Percussion (Downloads)

[New] "Jurassic Park"

[New] "Irish Tune"

          "DO-RE-MI" (coming soon...)

[SB] Symphonic Band Percussion (Downloads)

[New] "Phantom of the Opera"

[New] "Mars"

[New] "His Honor"

K-TECH (Kastner Percussion Technique)(Downloads)

(2017-18) Kastner "THUNDER" Percussion [Expectations Packet] 

Kastner "THUNDER" Percussion (Downloads)


[New] "Ninja17" Performance Tempo (bpm = 120)

[New] "Ninja17" Slower Tempo Version (bpm = 100)

Thunder Grooves mp3

Thunder Groove "Lucky No. 7"

[FFP] First Flight Percussion (Downloads)

 [New] "Thor's Hammer" (Nelson Band)

[New] "Eagle Crest March" (Nelson Band)

[New] "Aftershock" (Maple Creek Band)

[New] "The Hammer of Thor" (Maple Creek Band)

[New] "Primus" (Valley Oak Band)

[New] "Attack of the Cyclops" (Lincoln Band)

[New] "Star Wars" (Linconl Band)